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The Riddle of the wooden bombs

Pierre-Antoine Courouble


format 15 x 21 , 190 pages (environ) , numerous photos ( prix : 20 € + post tax )

    In order to deceive the Allies during the Second World War, the Germans built fake airfields, often with runways and sometimes with buildings, but always with fake planes made out of wood, which they called "attrapens". 

    A number of strange stories can be heard about some of these in which English planes (for the most part) made fun of them by dropping wooden bombs on them on which they'd sometimes painted remarks like "Wood for wood". 

    Seventy years later the matter of these wooden bombs has generally been relegated to the realms of urban legend.  However, is that really all there is to it? 

     This book is the first to be written on a controversial subject that has never been dealt with by specialists.

Pierre-Antoine Courouble, a writer and journalist fascinated by history and flying, sets out on a real detective enquiry worthy of Sherlock Holmes, in order to seek out the truth behind the myth, and the true story behind the legend.